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                    Administrative management

                    Monthly salary range: 5000-6000 Recruitment number: 10 Work location: Shenzhen Education requirements: junior college

                    Job description
                    1. Receive company visitors and interviewers to understand basic business etiquette;
                    2, send and receive faxes, express, letters, copying, binding, business card printing, etc.;
                    3. Environmental management of office areas, distribution and management of office supplies;
                    4. The approval and reimbursement of the administrative expenses and the monthly budget of the administrative department;
                    5. Assistance in related administrative personnel work and other tasks assigned by the leadership.

                    job requirements
                    1. College degree or above, with certain organizational coordination and writing skills;
                    2, good temperament, cheerful, careful work, strong sense of responsibility, good service awareness, learning, communication, execution and teamwork spirit;
                    3, the image is good, positive, smile is sweet, personality is warm and cheerful;
                    4, skilled operation of office automation facilities, will be basic ppt, excel, word and other office software.

                    Marketing and storage
                    First, the job description:
                    1. Assist the sales manager to maintain the relationship between the old customer and the customer;
                    2. Responsible for turning over, updating, and digging old customers;
                    3. Do a good job in signing the sales contract and fulfilling the relevant contents;
                    4. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors on time;
                    5, with or without experience, receive new graduates.

                    Second, qualifications:
                    1. Have good communication and presentation skills and teamwork spirit, and strong execution;
                    2, quick thinking, hard work, strong sense of responsibility;
                    3, proficient in PPT, WORD, EXCEL and other office software;
                    4, good image, elegant talk, strong learning ability, welcome outstanding graduates.

                    Third, welfare benefits:
                    1. Can provide a good accommodation environment, handle five risks;
                    2. Regular team activities (congratulations, company tours, sports events, etc.);
                    3. Perfect promotion opportunities, broad development space, professional skills training, and comprehensive training of individual ability and quality;
                    4. Special festivals such as Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and birthday are provided with a gift;
                    5. Performance, bonuses, and generous year-end awards;
                    6. Promote a large space for promotion and provide a good career development platform for employees.
                    Foreign trade storage
                    【Job Responsibilities】 
                    1. Be proficient in using English to answer customer's emails, express them properly, be considerate for customers, and serve customers in good faith;
                    2. Process customer orders and track the progress of orders to ensure that orders are completed on time;
                    3. Responsible for handling customer issues, including pre-sales consultation, after-sales maintenance, and proper handling of various disputes.

                    【job requirements】
                    1. College English level 6 or above; fluent in English;
                    2. Welcome outstanding graduates of English related majors;
                    3. Be good at communication and think independently. In the early stage, when the company is not familiar with the company's business, the company arranges special personnel to be responsible for product, technology and platform training. After being familiar with the company's business, it can solve customer problems independently, including consulting, after-sales, and handling complaints. It can prevent possible disputes, properly resolve various disputes that have arisen, and maximize the protection of the company's interests;
                    4. Have team spirit and service awareness, be honest and trustworthy, be down-to-earth, have strong learning ability and strong adaptability, have interest and passion for e-commerce foreign trade; can withstand certain work pressure.

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